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Welcome to EezyEat4Pets Elizabethan Collars



EezyEat4Pets Elizabethan Collars are Patented and with 3 Registered Community Designs.

Unique & Innovative New Generation Elizabethan collar which allows pets to eat properly without having to remove the whole collar, via a detachable curved front flap. Quickly & easily removes for feed times and just as easy to re-attach. No messy food around the rim of the collar anymore!

Less stress for your pet at feeding time & less stress for the owner/carer

Designed cleverly so that the back of the collar is slightly weighted, and if the pet owner temporarily gets distracted when the pet walks away from their dish, the back of the collar turns to the front and the open curve goes to the back to prevent the pet getting to their wound!

Lightweight, translucent but strong enough to be protective, and trimmed with soft edgings to protect furniture & just as importantly pet owner`s legs!



C1.VETisco LTD with 3 pics of collars C1.VETisco LTD with 3 pics of collars C1.VETisco LTD with 3 pics of collars C1.VETisco LTD with 3 pics of collars C1.VETisco LTD with 3 pics of collars C1.VETisco LTD with 3 pics of collars C1.VETisco LTD with 3 pics of collars C1 C1 C1 C1 C1 C1 2. Original EezyEat4Pets & Softee design Collar with às seen in Your Cat magazine BrightPigs Business Of The Week Badge [1495202] Patent Emblem



                  New! Pet Airs

In production now are our latest brand new concept in Elizabethan collars

"Pet Airs" from EezyEat4Pets, & another World first!

This new collar is made from a small paw shape  perforated PP material to allow the free flow of aeration to the back of your pet`s head and neck area.

Another comfort with these collars is that the perforation holes also helps to eliminate the muffled background noises as heard by pets wearing the traditional Elizabethan collars......


It has the same great facility of the detachable feeding flap so that pets can eat as normally as possible.


This is one of those times when we would all love to see  `Pet Airs` all over the place!

Queen of Pet Humanity 1. Five of the nine sizes - EezyEat4Pets E-collars 4cats Logo NEU [328831]

Proud to introduce our Worldwide Distrubution Partner


( Details on our Contact page )



green & red collars with both flaps removed Green & red cotton collars MyCollage_5 Green doggy cotton collar 1 Cat & dog in new Pet Airs dog laid in pet airs dog with flap off pet airs Main pic of pets in collars

          Flexibility!   laid in comfort...                                                                 Shown with flap removed for eating

                         Flap removed and pets have full access to bowls of food!

   EezyEat4Pets featured in `Your Cat` magazine

                           Comes in a range of sizes to suit most domstic pets

                                                     Various fabrics & patterned EezyEat4Pets`Softees`