EezyEat4Pets - Brand new Innovative & more Humane Pets Elizabethan Collar
Eezyeat4Pets are happy to announce that they now have new Lower prices due to increased orders succeeding in bigger buying power,  and are now on par or cheaper than  one of the biggest UK Pet Shop Chains! even with our special innovative flap feature which no other Company`s collars have!

EezyEat4Pets are a brand new concept in Elizabethan medical collars created for pet satisfaction! and designed to take the stress out of your pet having to wear a collar for the duration of their `Pawley` time.

Elizabethan style medical collars can be an essential part of the healing process to protect wounds, surgery wounds, to prevent your pet from licking at these problem areas.

The older style of traditional collars can be uncomfortable and prevent freedom of movement especially when it comes to feeding time. We believe healing time should be a comfortable and stress free time for our precious pets and that's why our EezyEat4Pets collars were invented. 

An  easy  flap feature ensures that your `Pawley` pet can eat easily & comfortably without the added stress of taking the collar off & putting back on again at feeding times. You simply detach the flap quickly & easily, let them eat in comfort and when they have finished eating, simply and quickly replace the flap! This takes only seconds to do without having to remove the whole collar. 

Our collars are suitable for rabbits & small furries too! Give your loyal & treasured pets the comfort & ease at feeding time that they deserve!!

With a range of  `EezyEat4pets` collar sizes from size 1-9 for all of your different sized pets, we're sure you'll be happy! Look around our website and if you have any comments or queries then please feel free to contact us!

EezyEat4Pets is focused on providing high-quality service and & we will do everything we can to meet & exceed your expectations.

We are extremely proud that `EezyEat4Pets` was a finalist at the PATS Pet Show 2013 in Harrogate in the category `Best new Innovative Pet product of the Year'. It was a great surprise!

These collars were also featured in one of the UK`s best selling cat magazine
 `Your Cat` magazine under `What`s new pussy cat` new products.

We very much welcome the Trade sector and Pet Stores to take advantage of our wholesale prices!

Close to cost prices for Animal charities!

Special offer to Veterinary Clinics

We would be happy to offer you a full set of one of each of the nine sizes, or ten of differing sizes at the 30-99 units wholesale price to try out, or to display in your Clinic or shop to attract your Pet patient`s owners.


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