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 I am the Designer of all of the products shown on this site & Inventor of the unique EezyEat4Pets` Pet Airs` Collars. My passion is to create new product for the Pet market and I will continue to do this....


This is my Cottage Industry Literally, as the Pet Airs idea came about in our cottage in the small Village of Healing in N.E. Lincolnshire In 2013 when our own little cat Olivia had surgery for cancer of the  nose and struggled to eat in the traditional rigid `cone collar` known as `the Cone of Shame`.

I had to remove the collar as she started losing weight, but she would run & hide and when it was time to put the collar back on after feeding time.


I thought about this and how I could get around this problem, armed with the

old collar and a pair of strong sharp scissors, I cut a wide curve out but this left

the edges sharp and her ability to get to her wound.

Why not be able to have this facility of access to food but with a

detachable/ re-attachable feeding flap to ensure her protection from

licking/chewing at the wound?EezyEat4Pets were born! Not the cone of shame anymore, Now the `Cone of Pride!`


The same year EezyEat4Pets were a finalist in the Petquip Awards in the catagory` Best new Innovative pet product` at PATS Harrogate & a finalist again at Pats Telford September 2016.

These collars were also featured in `Your cat` magazine catagory under the title of `Whats new Pussy Cat`..............Suitable for dogs rabbits etc too!


Left....Exhibiting at London vet Show                           Right....Exhibiting at London Pet Show





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Kim & myself at The London Pet Show (2)


About Us

7. London Vet Show (2)


Our love of Pet Shows and  exhibitions ....

4caqts stand Pats Telford 2016 untitledPetquip award dinner

4Cats & Pet Airs stand at Pats Telford September 2016                                                    Petquip Awards Pats Telford

Presentation Petquip Awards 2016