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The collar arrived today, wonderful service. Thank you so much Joanne. It's fine Jo, hasn't suffered at all for being folded. Once again thanks for all the trouble you went to.


Cheers, Anne

TESTIMONIALS for EezyEat4Pets & Pet Airs


Clay County Cat Care - UK, Cornwall


Hiya, I want to order a collar for the Clay County Cat Rescue here in Cornwall. The rescue owner said the cat`s measurement is 12.5cm and she would like the clear plastic one please. I have shared your page on their site, they are so good that other owners can see these collars when they don't know there are other collars available. The collars are amazing, even our vet is interested in purchasing them. Please email the price list and size guide to leanne@claycountycatcare.com. we will get them added to website too, please can you send me pics too, we will be buying more for the rescue as it made such a difference with Buddy. X                                




Hi Joanne, first of all, thank you so much for getting in touch. You have a really amazing story, and I think the product which you've created is absolutely brilliant. Across our team we have about 6 cats and everyone agrees that the dreaded cones are big problem, which EezyEat4Pets appears to solve. We'd love it if you could write an article about EezyEat4Pets, I guess pretty much what you've written above, which we'll happily post on our site and push to our social media followers, to keep getting the word out. Does that sound ok? If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch, either via Facebook, or email our MD at oliver@mypetworld.co.uk. Thanks xx                        

Your Cat Magazine


They look great Joanne! And you're more than welcome - thank you for including us too on your flyers!




Mellissa Louise Currier

Ollie doing great, collar has helped millions. Really can't thank you enough!....

I have a four year old jack Russell called Ollie who had gone through the neutering process, he had been given a standard dog collar from the vets and was struggling to walk without banging into things and also could not reach his food or water bowl, when I was given the easy eat collar from my aunt, what a difference it made, he was able to walk unaided and eat his food without me hand feeding him, fantastic invention and highly recommended.

Vet Times

Good morning Joanne. Thank you for details of the EezyEat4Pets collar, these look great! Please feel free to send a press release to the following addresses for possible inclusion in our related publications, Regards Nigel




Hi Nigel, I just want to say a big thank you. I have seen the EezyEat4pets article in the VN Times and it is great, also getting orders & enquiries from it. EezyEat4Pets was a finalist in the recent PATS Awards in Harrogate. thank you very much Nigel, kind regards, joanne


Goldie's Cat Rescue


Good afternoon, this is Ehren from Goldie's Cat Rescue. Thank you so much for your offer of sending some of your very clever cones to the rescue kitties. I will try and find a photo of Cinderella tonight with the cone as I am sure I took a photo of her with it on, they get on much better eating in these!


 Cats Lost & Found Grimsby.


Being in cat rescue we neuter and have many operations carried out on our foster cats - The standard collars provided by most vets were always distressing for the cats to wear - too big and cumbersome the cats struggled to eat, collars became dirty - jagged edges were dangerous as many had to be cut to size, the cats would often walk into furniture and walked with a bowed head. However, However the Elizabethan collar designed by EezyEat4pets gives an all different experience - they come in several sizes to fit all cats - the removable panel for eating ensures your cat can eat without stress and ending up with a collar full of food, they are lightweight enabling your cat to walk normally - a true godsend!  

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